venerdì, gennaio 26, 2007

Surviving a .Net web project (1 episode)

(from a java developer perspective...)

It happened: I was asked to build a webapp using .Net, and the old 1.1 version, too!
Discarded (without a real evaluation...) VB.Net, I went discovering C#, hoping it would be more comfortable for a Java developer.

So I downloaded the .Net framework, installed Visual Studio for .Net (hey, does anyone know some sort of plugin for Ecplise or some other C# IDE to use?) and started with some HelloWorld, HelloEverybody and so on.

First reaction: VStudio sucks! really! Particularly if you got used to Eclipse. Or maybe I' m not good in using it...
Some examples:
- It opens all files in tabs, like Eclipse, like UltraEdit, like PSPad, but... No close all command!
- Absolutely no navigation through code (like ctrl+click in Eclipse): just go to definition
- No refactoring utilities at all: cannot automatically rename even a local variable!

C#, in version 1.1 is quite like Java, no especial oddities, apart for property definition in interfaces, but done with an expressive syntax:

string AProperty { get; set:}

More to come, stay tuned!

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